The landscape of healthcare is increasingly being reshaped by intelligent systems that leverage but are not limited to sensor networks, wearable devices, haptics, and smart rehabilitation and aging well tools and devices. This special session will delve into the transformative impact of these technologies on movement understanding, disorder diagnosis, lifestyle habits monitoring, and the overall betterment of patient-centric care. By integrating cutting-edge sensors and technologies, the session will explore how real-time data collection and analysis can significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of diagnoses, as well as the understanding of movement disorders and the efficacy of treatment plans. Wearable devices, with their ability to continuously monitor vital signs and physical activity, offer unparalleled insights into patients’ day-to-day health, thus facilitating early intervention and personalized care strategies. Furthermore, the incorporation of haptic feedback systems in rehabilitation opens new avenues for patient engagement and recovery, simulating touch and movement to assist in regaining lost capabilities. This session aims to address the challenges in data reliability, privacy issues, and the integration of these technologies into existing healthcare systems while considering economic and social barriers. Innovative approaches will be discussed to lifestyle habit tracking that can assist in the prevention of diseases, promoting a holistic view of health that encompasses nutrition, exercise, aging well and wellbeing. Researchers will present studies, advancements, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding the deployment of intelligent systems in healthcare, setting the course for augmented patient care and improved health outcomes as well as aging well and daily life wellbeing improvement.

Organisers: Dr. Daniele Cafolla, Swansea University.; Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

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This Special Session welcomes both full length papers (12 pages plus up to 2 pages of references) and abstracts (up to 3 pages including references).


All deadlines, including submission deadline and review timeline are the same as the main conference. Please follow this link to see all the Important Dates.

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